HENIK LAKE ADVENTURES, an affiliated company, specializes in premium arctic sports hunting & fishing tours and photography excursions.

Nunavut Tourism Katimavik Suites is a member of Nunavut Tourism. This site includes interesting points on getting the most of your stay in Nunavut.

Government of Nunavut Providing you with information on Canada's newest territory, established in 1999. An excellent on-line guide to Nunavut and traveling in Nunavut.

The Nunavut Handbook A popular guide on the land, wildlife and traveling in Nunavut.

Nunatsiaq News Providing news and commentary from the Nunavut perspective.

Arviat Iglu Website This is a website about Arviat. Read about traditional Inuit home, heritage and region. Watch video of interviews with Inuit elders talking about their past and the transition to living in Arviat today.

Calm Air International Airline specializing in regularly scheduled travel throughout Manitoba and most of Nunavut.

Ken Borek Air Inc. Airline specializing in arctic and antarctic charters, with scheduled service in parts of Nunavut.

News North A weekly newspaper with news from across the north.

SIR An established mail-order outfitter popular with Northern residents. Eskimo Point Lumber is an SIR Agent.

Weatherhaven The world's most popular extreme weather mobile shelters.

Solara Remote Data Delivery Incorporated Canadian manufacturer of rugged back-country automatic GPS location devices and satellite communication services.